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How to change Facebook username after limit ?

With help of technology, today world has been converted into a large village. Most of us today rely on social networking sites such as


to connect and share moments of joy with our dear ones living at far away places. In this article I will show you simple trick to

change username of profileafter limit

has been reached.

Username is a unique word or combination of words and numbers through which anyone can access your Facebook profile or timeline easily. You can also use it instead of Email Address to log into your account. It makes it easier for us to provide others direct link of our profile. In Geek community, your user-name tells much about you. On Facebook, suppose your username is theTechday then your Timeline can be easily accessed by visit You can share your it with people who want to connect with you to make them find your profile easily, directly.

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So what the heck this article is all about ? Facebook allows you to change username only a fixed number of times. Normally people aren’t able to change it after 3 tries. I won’t discuss why one would change it even for fourth time(some people are crazy, respect them) but I will here share with you all a simple trick to change username unlimited times.

Follow the given steps on your computer to change Facebook profile username after limit has been reached –

Step 1: Open in your browser and create a Page with any name under category Cause or Community
Step 2: Skip all the four Set Up steps by clicking Skip button until Page opens
Step 3: In top-right-corner, click on Edit Page button and then click on Update Page info
Step 4: Under Page Info, note down “Facebook Page ID” shown in the bottom
Step 5: Now open
Replace YOUR_PAGE_ID_HERE with actual 15-digit Page ID which you noted in step 4
Step 6: “Create your Facebook web address” page will appear, now in “Facebook Web Address:” section enter your current Username which you want to change and click on Check Availability button
Step 7: A message reading – “XYZ is currently set as the username for your Timeline. Do you want to change it to be the username for this Page? You may only change this once.” will appear on your screen. Here XYZ is an example, but your actual user-name will appear in place of it when you will perform this trick.
Step 8: Click on Transfer Username option. Now the username of your profile have got removed from your profile
Step 9: Now visit You will notice that your profile don’t have any username now and you can set any name you want for your Timeline
Step 10: Just set any username you want. That’s it

So, finally now you have successfully changed username even after the limit. If you want you can change it again then you need to follow above ten steps trick again. Now delete the Facebook page you have just created because your old username has been given to that page.

This trick to change username is very useful but I request all of you to not misuse this trick. If this trick worked for you, comment below and give me high-five. Share this trick with your near and dear ones. You may find many other tricks in Facebook tricks category.

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